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Recent Research and Educational Activities in BMS

Updated on 2015 November 4

To know the results of our recent studies, you can see the "special issues" in the Society journal, the titles of "special seminars" and "special sessions", the themes of the Symposium of Behaviormetrics, and others. One characteristic is that the authors and presenters include a number of those who are affiliated with companies in addition to those who are affiliated with universities.

Special issues in Japanese and English Journals

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Projects at Conference

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Themes of Symposium of Behaviormetrics

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Themes of Spring Camp-style Seminar

Since 1998, this seminar has been held annually in March to learn various behaviormetric methods in a camp style. Along with leading speakers who are involved in the latest metric methods and the applications to give lectures, the question and answer section is actively conducted in a seminar style, which is well-received.

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Study Group Meeting

To vitalize research activities, the Society established study group meetings and subsidized the activities. The study group meetings include a "Regional Group" having the main purpose of promoting and disseminating studies in a specific region and a "Study Group" with the aim of achieving research results with a high degree of originality.

The following groups were active in 2013.

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Publications Planned by the Society

Shirizu <Kodo keiryo no kagaku> [Series: Behaviormetric Science]

(Asakura Publishing. 2009-2010)

Haruo Yanai, Akinori Okada, Kazuo Shigemasu, Ryozo Yoshino, & Eiichi Morimoto (Eds.)

  1. Haruo Yanai, Hiroshi Akuto, Meiko Sugiyama, et al. "Kodo keiryogaku eno shotai (Invitation to Behaviormetrics)." [in Japanese]
  2. Akinori Okada, & Takeshi Moriguchi. "Maketingu no deta bunseki (Data Analysis of Marketing Research: Methods and Applications)." [in Japanese]
  3. (missing number)
  4. Maomi Ueno, & Kojiro Shojima. "Gakuryoku hyoka riron no shin choryu (A New Trend in Learning Assessment)." [in Japanese]
  5. Ryozo Yoshino, Fumi Hayashi, & Kazue Yamaoka. "Kokusai hikaku deta no kaiseki (Analysis of Cross-National Comparative Data --- Practice of Opinion Survey and its Utilization)." [in Japanese]
  6. Kazuhisa Takemura, & Satoshi Fujii. "Ishikettei no shoho (Prescriptive Approach to Decision Making: Development of Contingent Focus Model)." [in Japanese]
  7. Masanori Ichikawa. "Inshi bunseki (Factor Analysis)." [in Japanese]
  8. Eiji Muraki. "Komoku hanno riron (Item Response Theory)." [in Japanese]
  9. Kohei Adachi, & Takashi Murakami. "Hikeiryo tahenryo deta bunseki (Nonmetric Multivariate Analysis: Multiple Correspondence Analysis as an Extension of Principal Component Analysis)." [in Japanese]

Kodo keiryogaku shirizu [Behaviormetric Series]

(Asakura Publishing. 13-volume series)

  1. Chikio Hayashi. (1993, November). "Kodo keiryogaku josetsu (Introduction to Behaviormetrics)." [in Japanese]
  2. Takanori Akiyama. (1993, November). "Suryoka no gurafikkusu (Graphics of Quantification)." [in Japanese]
  3. Shunichi Yamamoto. (1993, November). "Kenko no keiryogaku (Quantitative Science of Health)." [in Japanese]
  4. Kazue Yamaoka, & Yasuki Kobayashi. (1994, May). "Iryo to syakai no keiryogaku (Study of Health and Social Practical Measurement)." [in Japanese]
  5. Jyuji Misumi. (1994, September). "Ridashippu no kodo kagaku (Behavioral Science of Leadership)." [in Japanese]
  6. Masakatsu Murakami. (1994, September). "Shingan no kagaku (Science of Authenticity)." [in Japanese]
  7. Hiroshi Ikeda. (1994, October). "Gendai tesuto riron (Modern Test Theory)." [in Japanese]
  8. Haruo Yanai. (1994, December). "Tahenryo deta kaisekiho (Multivariate Data Analysis Methods)." [in Japanese]
  9. Yoshio Takane. (1995, February). "Seiyakutsuki syuseibun bunsekiho (Constrained Principal Component Analysis)." [in Japanese]
  10. Biten Yasumoto. (1995, April). "Gengo no kagaku (Science of Language)." [in Japanese]
  11. Kazuo Shigemasu. (1995, November). "Ishikettei no ninchi toukeigaku (Cognitive Statistics of Decision Making)." [in Japanese]
  12. Nobuyuki Otsu, Iwao Sekita, & Takio Kurita. (1996, July). "Patan ninshiki (Pattern Recognition)." [in Japanese]
  13. Toshiyuki Furukawa. (1996, July). "Jumyo no suri (Mathematics of Life Span)." [in Japanese]

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